DC727 Carnage, 1985

  1. Dimlight: Fields of Carnage (from The Lost Chapters, Greece, Sliptrick Records)
  2. Tendonitis: Satans Seven Sinners (from Stormreaper, Switzerland, Self Release)
  3. Fenisia: Wasted Time (from Fenisia Cafe, Italy, Self Release)
  4. The Alpha Sequence: Photon Phantom (Single Release, Cape Town, South Africa)
  5. Demise of The Crown: We Are Invicible (Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  6. Magnetic: The Day You Left Me To Die (from Storm, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  7. Mirrelia: Relapse (Toronto, Canada)
  8. Profaner: Prophetic Nightmare (from Wacken Metal Battle Canada, Ontario, Canada, Asher)
  9. Anup Sastry: Memoirs, Part 1 (from Bloom, Maryland, USA)
  10. Bowling for Soup: 1985 (Acoustic)(Texas, USA)



DC670 Dignity Kills

  1. Defender: Dignity (from “We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments”, Baden Switzerland)
  2. Vola: Stray The Skies (from “Inmazes”, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. Io: Trades (from “Cap Arcona”, New York, USA)
  4. Kontinuum: Kyrr (from “Kyrr”, Iceland)
  5. WhiskeyDick: Drunk as Hell (Single Release, Texas, USA)
  6. Dead Lucky: Our Prayer (from “Sons of Lazarus”, South Africa)
  7. Plini: Wombat Astronaut (from “The End of Everything”, Australia)
  8. And so I watch you from Afar: Wasps (From “Heirs”, Belfast, UK)
  9. White Mantis: My Favourite Chainsaw (Munich, Germany)
  10. Khors: My Cossack Way (from “Night Falls onto The Front of Ours”, Ukraine, Candlelight)
  11. Ad Nauseam: Key To Timeless Laws (from Nihil Quam Vaciutas Ordinatum  Est”, Italy, Lavadome Records)
  12. Arrival of Autumn: Fall in Ashes (from “Shadows”, Canada)
  13. The 8th Bridge: Twist the Knife (Cardiff, UK)
  14. Xentrix: No Compromise (Preston, UK)
  15. Skalmöld: Gleipnir (Iceland)
  16. Zatokrev: Bleeding Island (from “Silk Spiders Underwater”, Switzerland, Candlelight)
  17. The Lidocaine: Chicken Cage of Horror (from “Chicken Cage of Horror”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  18. Cryptic Hymn: Revel in Disgust (Single Release, Kentucky, USA)
  19. Ninkharsag: Ninkharsag (from “Blood of Celestial Kings”, Liverpool, UK)
  20. House of Arteus: Trenches of Fortune (from “The Spear and The Ichor that follows”, Minnesota, USA, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  21. Meridius: Speed Kills (from “Meridius”, BC, Canada, Asher)



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DC 527 Bastard Wellies

This week, Post Podcrawl blues, and a skin full to many. Podcrawl was good, but I might a mentioned something I shouldn’t. Check out Amped, and Made in The UK Show this week. Hitting at the doldrums. Is podcasting dead? new podcast apps help? – not for indies. Raise a Bastard’s Lager to Motorhead! Did you have fun at The Isle of Wight Festival? Grow up, buy a decent pair of wellies.
Jay, a like long listener is doing a charity skate – 100 miles in a day for a worth cause, check out Jay Skates for more information and to donate.

Picture: Belladonna

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DC 524 Jubilation Blues

This week, nothing in the news but Jubilee, Jubilee, Jubilee. I remember the Silver one. For me, this week has been broken because of it, a double bank holiday has left me behind in so much, including music listening, so I’ll do my best here.
Not much news, but The Jubilee boosts music sales, especially for Gary Barlow, and The Service Mens Wives. Microsoft to forego Podcasts? Linked In Passwords spread by Pirate Bay, when more and more ISPs are blocking it here in the UK, and FBI accused of illegally downloading, by Megaupload!
Are you a late listener, or do you pick up the show as soon as it comes out?

Picture: Louis Lingg and The Bombs

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DCMS 61 Name Twiddling

A new year, and new metal from all four corners of the world.
Labels have been sterling getting new music to me three months before it’s in the shops. Loving it.
Another show very soon, but for now have a hours worth of great rock and metal from Japan, Norway, USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Picture: We Die Tonight

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