Started in December 2004,  DarkCompass, curated and hosted by Ro, is a collection of music podcasts. They are all about the independent, underground, and unheard. DarkCompass is also considered one of the longest-running UK Podcasts.

Originally a social comment site with music, it has evolved into a long-running hard rock and metal music podcast showcasing a lot of new and unsigned bands, giving a link to fans and bands around the world.

The Podcast won National Winner (UK) Award, at the European Podcast awards on 2011.

Ro joined the Hard Rock Hell Radio Team, and DarkCompass shows are played on the station 12 noon UK Time every Friday. He is involved in curating music for the station, and doing their monthly Top 20 show.

DarkCompass Extra is an alternative podcast, introduced in 2021. They feature alternative rock, synthwave, EBM, electronica, and Punk artists that do not quite fit the main hard rock and metal show.

Both DarkCompass and DarkCompass Extra can be listened using a multitude of methods, check out each of their pages.

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