DC 502 Socially Torn

This week, Back from the holiday break with added lethargy. So many social networks, so little time. I want you to help me there. Not doing any more movie reviews and comments, my mate Colin now has that covered. File Sharing now a religion, CD Sales down, download sales up, more people getting music legally now, and Bono’s busking days are over. Draw for prizes drawn, and the winners are enclosed.

Picture: Skint and Demoralised (Claire Withington)

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You will hear:
Izityi: Wonderland, Japan
School of Seven Bells: The Night, USA
The Glass Child: Tell The World, UK
Skint and Demoralised: All The Rest is Propaganda, UK
The Lost Gecko: Ten Ton Souls, Ireland
Drowning Susan: Enquirer, USA
Secret Archives of The Vatican: Dreams and Visions, UK
Patrick Joseph: Sugar and Lies, USA
Straylings: Wallpin, UK
Acretongue: Flowers in The Attic, South Africa
Tom Robinson: War Baby (Live), UK

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