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Still a warm UK this week, with no let up of Sun. A new feed, DarkCompass Specials, coming your way on Tuesday, and news of DarkCompass being syndicated on Traxx Radio, of Brisbane coming soon. Old classic artists like The Cure and Pink Floyd remastering their old albums for a new audience, and breaking into digital.
The record industry have nothing to worry about with Downloads now raking in £1 billion, Johnny Depp turning from Pirate to Musician with the help of The Man with the biggest penis in rock, Aerosmiths Steve Tyler.
Keanu breaks Manga with a live action Akira? Whitney Huston banned from Prince concerts, how bizarre is that? and I and NASA would like Pluto to get it’s planet status back, it’s not a conspiracy to get more books reprinted, Honest.

A reminder that Podcrawl is only a week away too. So a bumper crop is new and views this week, hence it’s over an hour.

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