DC 527 Bastard Wellies

This week, Post Podcrawl blues, and a skin full to many. Podcrawl was good, but I might a mentioned something I shouldn’t. Check out Amped, and Made in The UK Show this week. Hitting at the doldrums. Is podcasting dead? new podcast apps help? – not for indies. Raise a Bastard’s Lager to Motorhead! Did you have fun at The Isle of Wight Festival? Grow up, buy a decent pair of wellies.
Jay, a like long listener is doing a charity skate – 100 miles in a day for a worth cause, check out Jay Skates for more information and to donate.

Picture: Belladonna

You will hear:

The Vinyl Plane: Circus Boy, USA
KMFDM: Amnesia (Käpt’n K Mix Edit), Germany
Stromkern: Ruin(ed), Germany
Sam Page: Like @ First, USA
Belladonna: My Sweet Nepenthe, Italy
Daystar: Sleeper, UK
Reizstrom: Fernlicht, Germany
The Chant: Ocean Speaks, Finland
2nd Life: Waking Up With You, South Africa
Bree Rose: Wake of Our Reckoning, USA

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