DC 524 Jubilation Blues

This week, nothing in the news but Jubilee, Jubilee, Jubilee. I remember the Silver one. For me, this week has been broken because of it, a double bank holiday has left me behind in so much, including music listening, so I’ll do my best here.
Not much news, but The Jubilee boosts music sales, especially for Gary Barlow, and The Service Mens Wives. Microsoft to forego Podcasts? Linked In Passwords spread by Pirate Bay, when more and more ISPs are blocking it here in the UK, and FBI accused of illegally downloading, by Megaupload!
Are you a late listener, or do you pick up the show as soon as it comes out?

Picture: Louis Lingg and The Bombs

You will hear:

Sparrow: Move, UK
Darling Parade: Remember, USA
Oblivious Signal: Inflicted Shame, USA
Louis Lingg and The Bombs : R.E.V.O.L.T. (Unknown Noise Remix), France
Felix Martin: The Triangle Tune, Venezuela
Sinerider: Rollis, USA
Marcomé: Yeku (Feelgood Remix), Canada
Dirty Bird 13: Girl With The Knife, Ukraine
Assemblage 23: The Noise Inside My Head, USA
2nd Life: Everything is Possible, South Africa

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