DC 567 Lap-Work

This week, Working from Lap this week, minding family whilst they are on holiday. Lucky for some.
Surprise No. 1 for Ant and Dec for this weekend, and people wonder how it happens.
it looks like illegal downloading makes no difference.
New movie watching – Oz the Great and Powerful, but not with Dark Side of the Moon accompliament, which works just like The Wizard of Oz did apparently.
London Podcrawl is on for June 22nd, be sure to come.

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DC 559 Fetish BBQ

This week, nada, nothing. Recording early as I’m having all my teeth knocked out, and I do screw up sometimes hence an apology to a band I played last week.
Tunes that jump the queue, and artists from yesteryear hit the show this week, with not enough time in the day, haste can be a terrible thing to waste.

Picture: Barbe-Q-Barbies

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DC 558 Crazeeeeness

This week, sorting stuff out, emotionally, technically, ethically, at home, work and head. It’s made me crazy – and for the first half of this show the music reflects that. Dropping the enhanced version of the show, a good idea? Is it worth doing? Do people appreciate it? My take on the demise of HMV and the lack of interest by the public over it, what now for the high street music shop? Getting into gigs for free by flashing.
Picture: Psy’Aviah

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DC 557 Jolly Hockey Sticks

This week, a quick show as we’re all out at the moment.
More music from Canada than you can share a hockey stick at this week, and some news about Patent Trolls trying to end podcasting as we know it. Rekindling my interest in Last.FM again. Let see how long that lasts.
Planning the next London Podcrawl again, maybe for June.
Picture: The Rabid Whole

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