DC 557 Jolly Hockey Sticks

This week, a quick show as we’re all out at the moment.
More music from Canada than you can share a hockey stick at this week, and some news about Patent Trolls trying to end podcasting as we know it. Rekindling my interest in Last.FM again. Let see how long that lasts.
Planning the next London Podcrawl again, maybe for June.
Picture: The Rabid Whole

You will hear:

  1. Project Mars: Hey
    (Canada, Asher Media)
  2. Skinny Bitches: Let’s Get Lost
    (Canada, Music Submit)
  3. The Rabid Whole: Future
    (Canada, Asher Media)
  4. James Scarlett: Embrace The Darkness
    (UK, Duece)
  5. Godbless Thee, Mooseheart: The Sullen Fortress
    (USA, NixPR)
  6. Gary Numan: Dead Sun Rising (Sonoio Remix)
  7. Paul E Phonics: Down
  8. Grayhound OCD: Where My Heart Has Its Home
    (Germany, Deuce)
  9. Wily Bo Walker: When The Angels Call Your Time
  10. Iron Age Mystics: You’ve Got The Power
    (Canada, Music Submit)

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