DC 558 Crazeeeeness

This week, sorting stuff out, emotionally, technically, ethically, at home, work and head. It’s made me crazy – and for the first half of this show the music reflects that. Dropping the enhanced version of the show, a good idea? Is it worth doing? Do people appreciate it? My take on the demise of HMV and the lack of interest by the public over it, what now for the high street music shop? Getting into gigs for free by flashing.
Picture: Psy’Aviah

You will hear:

  1. Drowning Susan: Void
  2. I.R.O.K: I Work
    UK, Prescription PR
  3. Daniel Land and The Modern Painters: Eyes Wide Shut (Deep Cut Vocal Mix)
  4. IKIL ORIION: For Better ‘R’ Worse
  5. Psy’Aviah: Virtual Gods
  6. Daystar: Paralysing
    UK, Deuce
  7. Sukh: Kings
    UK, Prescription PR
  8. Kill Dorothy: Lie To Me
  9. Maia: Where Else But Earth
  10. Lotus Feed: Tranquility
    Germany, AF-Music/Promonetics

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