DC 551

This week, getting things together for the festive season with a bumper recording sessions over the next few days. Why is there a mad business rush to get things done before the shutdown, and a mad shopping rush for just a couple of days of inconvenience. This weekend is DarkCompass’ 8th birthday, almost every week for 8 years.

Picture: Hot Fiction

You will hear:

  1. Raggedy Angry: Candy Unicorns (Canada, Promonetics)
  2. Blood on The Dancefloor: Where’s My Wonderland? (USA, Plastichead)
  3. Nils Bech: Pass Pass Me By (Norway, PrescriptionPR)
  4. The Lumineers: Stubborn Love (USA)
  5. Neither: Sepamells (Australia, Radiodirectx)
  6. Hot Fiction: No Soul (UK)
  7. Cancer Killing Gemini: Again Today (USA)
  8. Mercury Tide: Searching (Germany, DR Music)
  9. The Last Cry: Jane (UK, Promonetics)
  10. Rob Finlay: Stone Dead and Rising (UK, Deuce)

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