DC 559 Fetish BBQ

This week, nada, nothing. Recording early as I’m having all my teeth knocked out, and I do screw up sometimes hence an apology to a band I played last week.
Tunes that jump the queue, and artists from yesteryear hit the show this week, with not enough time in the day, haste can be a terrible thing to waste.

Picture: Barbe-Q-Barbies

You will hear:

  1. Lotus Feed: Home of The Watchmen
    Germany, AF-Music, Promonetics
  2. Amanda Palmer Feat The Grand Theft Orchestra: The Bed Song
    USA, Cooking Vinyl
  3. Sam Page: Hold On
  4. Fetish’ist: Cyber Female
    Russia, Synthematik, Promonetics
  5. AlibiTrax: Collision
    Ireland, Synthematik, Promonetics
  6. Barbe-Q-Barbies: STFU
    USA, Southworld, Plastichead
  7. David Bronson: Momentary
    USA, Prescription PR
  8. The Joy Formidable: Wolf Law
  9. Chance: Here
  10. Heliopause: I seem too Cold

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