DC705 Body Kings

Hope you’ve had a good festive break – now for new year. This is a mixtape of sorts as I’m away from my usual recording kit, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it anyway.

You will hear:

  1. Thera Roya: Body Breaker (from “Unraveling”, USA)
  2. Omnium Gatherum: The Pit (from “Grey Heavens”, Finland)
  3. Palm Desert: Dusty (from “Adayoff”, Poland)
  4. Wired Mind: Wired Dream (from “mind state:dreamscape”, Germany)
  5. Ron Scalzo: Surprise Ninja with Camera (Single Release)
  6. Kombur: The Fallen (from “I am Alpha”, France)
  7. Echelon: Carnal Absolution (from “Indulgence over Abstinence Behind the Obsidian Veil”, UK)
  8. Bloodlash: Thunderbird (from “Rain”, Mexico)
  9. Sivyj Yar: Burial Shrouds (from “Burial Shrouds”, Italy)
  10. Gomorrah: Nine Kings of Sulphu (from “The Haruspex”, Canada)