DC706 Shakkakakka Sway

A new year and one without Lemmy. Hats off to the legend that make Rock and Roll what it is today.
I’ve been listening to a lot of new things over the break, so brace yourselves.

  1. Pil & Bue: Shakkakakka (from “Forget The Past, Lets Worry about The Future”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  2. Kadinja: Episteme (Single Release, Paris,France)
  3. Mute The Saint: The Fall of Sirius (Single Release, India)
  4. SikTh: Philistine Philosophies (from Opacities, UK)
  5. Bone Gnawer: Channel of Carnage (from “Canale Di Carnieficina”, Sweden, Metal Inquisition Records)
  6. Fatal Impact: Too Many Tears (from “Cancel Life”, Norway, Nadir Music)
  7. Sadism: From Chaos to Purification (from “Alliance”, Santiago, S.America, Toxic/Mechanix Records)
  8. Scarecell: Reach (from “New Horizons”, Helsinki Finland, Inverse Records)
  9. Matt Stevens: Burning Bandstands (from “Echo”, London, UK)
  10. Islay:  Under The Sway of God (from “The Angels Snare”, Germany, Final Gate Records)



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