DC704 Structural Oblivion

Winter Break does not stop me listening to great music.

This week lots of tunes from all around the world.

You will hear:

  1. Conflicted: Structural Violence (from “Under “Bio-lence”, Chili)
  2. Enfeeble: Epidemedia (from “Momentum of Tranquility”, Germany)
  3. Zombie Slut: Lobotomizer (from “Undead Commando”, Germany)
  4. Herscher: Bandana (from “Herschel”, France)
  5. Amiensus: One in Spirit (from “Ascension”, USA)
  6. Proll Guns: Fucking Troublemaker (from “Fucking Troublemaker”, Austria)
  7. Escalane: Singularity (from “The Days of Decay”, Finland)
  8. Crisalida: Hidromachi (from “Terra Ancestral”, Chili)
  9. El Caco: Ambivalent (from “7”, Norway)
  10. Deathstorm: From Oblivion (from “The Gallows”, Austria)


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