DC697 Edge of The Deep

  1. Animal Hands: Edge of The World (Single Release)
  2. The Courtesans: Indigo (from “1917”, London, UK)
  3. The Deltorers: She Looks Nice (Bournmouth, UK)
  4. Kancho! : Paper Boat (from “Two Finger Salute”, Oxford, UK)
  5. Killing Joke: Euphoria (from “Pylon”, UK)
  6. Judd Madden: River (from “Waterfall II”, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)
  7. Tanagra: Antietam (from “None of This is Real”, Portland, Oregon, USA)
  8. Scale The Summit: Pontus Euxinus (from “V”, Texas, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  9. Descent from Aten: Circles (Clacton-On-Sea, UK)
  10. Black .44: Into The Grace (from “No Blanks”, Helsinki, Finland)
  11. Synapses: Force-Fed with Gore (from “Devoutness”, Italy)
  12. Gomorrah: A Disaster’s Nightmare (Single Release, British Colombia, Canada, Asher)
  13. Jusska: Swoon (Antwerp, Belgium)
  14. One Life Left: Beacons (Single Release, Birmingham, UK)
  15. Orca: Stitch (London, UK)
  16. Serocs: When the Ground Swallows Us (from And When The Sky was Opened”, Mexico)
  17. Horrendous: Polaris (from “Anareta”, East Coast, USA, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  18. New Cold War: Never Coming Home (Las Vegas, USA)
  19. Evertrapped: Underneath the Deep (from “Under the Deep”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)


DC694 Praise to The Blood

  1. These Hands Conspire: Praise to The Nova Rider (from “Sword of Korhan”, Berlin, Germany)
  2. Abhorrent Deformity: Stench of the Decomposed(from “Entity of Malevolence”, North Carolina, USA)
  3. Antagonist Zero: Suru (Single Release, Finland)
  4. Riwen: Strife and Hate (from “The Cold”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  5. Rosetta: (Untitled I) (from “Quintessential Ephemera”, Philadelphia, USA)
  6. Train Bigger Monkeys: Altered States (from “Canadian Tour 2015 EP”, Calgary, Canada, Asher Media)
  7. Visceral Throne: Father (from “Those Who Have Fallen Beyond the Grace of God”, Indiana, USA)
  8. Yellowtooth: Manifesto (from “Crushed by The Wheels of Progress”, Indiana, USA)
  9. Vinnie Jonez Band: Supernothing (from “Supernothing”, Italy)
  10. Display of Decay: Dust of Existence (from “Dust of Existence”, Alberta, Canada)
  11. Voodoo Vegas: Tied Up (from “Hypnotise”, South Coast, UK)
  12. Blëed: Xombimind (from “The Hatred Inside”, Alberta, Canada)
  13. Lluvia: Vientos De Olvido (from “Eternidad Solemne”, Leon, Mexico)
  14. The Membranes: Hail To The Lovers (from Dark Matter/Dark Energy”, UK, Cherry Red Records)
  15. Ramming Speed: Choke Holds and Bullet Holes (from “No Epitaphs”, New York, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  16. Raum Kingdom: We’re Not born to live like Brutes (from “All We Expected”, Ireland)
  17. Simulacrum: Time Lapse (from “Sky Divided”, Turku, Finland)
  18. All Hell: Crossroads (from The Red Sect”, Asheville, North Carolina, USA)
  19. Vhod: Still The Blood (from “Dream Catcher”, British Columbia, Canada)


Ramming Speed-1
Ramming Speed