DC690 Skølgen Warlord

London Podcrawl 2015 is September 12th

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  1. Myrkyr: Skølgen Skulle Dø (from “M”, Relapse Records)
  2. Goth: blackness (from “Goth”, Woverhampton, UK)
  3. Ego Fall: Back to The East (from “Mongol Metal”, China)
  4. Scissortooth: Nova Gomorrah (from “Novagomorrah”, Vancouver, Canada, Galy Records, Asher)
  5. Morbid Slaughter: Fuck Off (We Murder) (from “A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death”, Lima, Peru)
  6. Behold! The Monolith: Lord of Bones (from “Architects of The Void”, LA, USA)
  7. Messenger of The Covenant: Wretchedness (ft. Zedadiah Martinez of So This Is Suffering) (from “Wretchedness”, Fresno, California, USA)
  8. Vile Display of Humanity: See What God Did (from “Vile Display of Humanity, Chicago, USA)
  9. Evilheart: Rebellion (from Quinquaginta (Re-Release Sept 15, 2015), Mexico)
  10. Nothing Always Works: In it (Single Release, Portugal)
  11. Hibria: Tightrope (from “Hibria”,  Brazil)
  12. Hanging Garden: Embers (from “Blackout, Whiteout”, Helsinki, Finland, Life-force Records
  13. Sarpentra: Supernova (from “Supernova”, Russian Federation)
  14. Grim Vision: Ten Minutes (from “War Agony”, Hamburg, Germany, Bastardised Records)
  15. Helleborus: The Carnal Sabbath (from “The Carnal Sabbath”, Colorado, USA)
  16. Sound Struggle: Funk It (from “Sound Struggle”, Boston, USA)
  17. Cast To Stone: For What it’s Worth (from “Elusory”, Sydney, Australia)
  18. Coloured by Numbers: After all of This (from “Love Life // Live Life”, Peterborough, UK)
  19. Cretus: What I Will (from “Dux Mea Lux” (Pavement Records)
  20. Dogbane: Warlord (from “When Karma Comes Calling”, NC, USA)


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