DC689 Dreams / Reality

London Podcrawl 2015 is September 12th

  1. I Promised Once: Broken Dreams (from “New Blood”, Tokyo, Japan)
  2. Goth: Glam On Thy Hell (from “Goth”, Woverhampton, UK)
  3. Deathrite: Circle of Destruction (from “Revelation of Chaos”, Dresden, Germany, Prosthetic Records)
  4. Messenger of The Covenant: Burden (from “Wretchedness”, Fresno, California, USA)
  5. These Hands Conspire: The Battle of Sur (from “Sword of Korhan”, Berlin, Germany)
  6. Pray of North: Bloodline (Single Release, Somero, Finland)
  7. Sarpentra: Iron Nails Run In (from “Supernova”, Russian Federation)
  8. Carnivorous Forest: Wendigo Psychosis (from “Hammer Smashed Faith”, London, UK)
  9. Death Dependent: Sacrifice For The Cross (from “Sacrifice for The Cross”, Bunbury, Western Australia)
  10. Casey Skye: Stay Thirsty, My Friends (from “A Careful Distraction”, Detroit, MI, USA)
  11. Scissortooth: Shoegazer (from “Novagomorrah”, Vancouver, Canada, Galy Records, Asher)
  12. Kore Rozzik: Rockstar (Single Release, Queens, NY, USA)
  13. The Terraces: Good Day to Die  (from “Empire”, Melbourne, Australia)
  14. Indonesia: Renovatio (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)
  15. Morbid Slaughter: Zombie Splatter Axe (from “A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death”, Lima, Peru)
  16. InAeona: Never Forever (from “Force Rise The Sun”, Boston, USA)
  17. Behold! The Monolith: Philosopher’s Blade (from “Architects of The Void”, LA, USA)
  18. Kraanium: Human Skin Fuck Doll (from “Chronicles of Perversion”, Oslo, Norway)
  19. To The Pain: The March for Mankind (from “7”, New York, USA)
  20. Witchsorrow: Disaster Reality (from “No Light, Only Fire”, Hampshire, UK, Candlelight) 18 September 2015