DC691 Far From Day

London Podcrawl 2015 is September 12th

Fill in my survey

  1. Cast To Stone: Far From Home (from “Elusory”, Sydney, Australia)
  2. Scale The Summit: Stolas (from “V”, Huston Texas, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  3. Nordheim: Far Away (from “Lost in the North”, Quebec, Canada, Mapel Metal Records)
  4. Cold Insight: Unity (Old) (from “Various Tracks EP”)
  5. Grim Vision: War Machine (from “War Agony”, Hamburg, Germany, Bastardised Records)
  6. Watch Them Burn: The Day After (Single Release, Italy)
  7. Sound Struggle: Flaw (from “Sound Struggle”, Boston, USA)
  8. Fallen Angels: Forsaken Existence (from “World in Decay”, Pacific Northwest, USA)
  9. Rifftera: Open Wounds (from “Pitch Black”, Vaasa, Finland)
  10. Reasons Behind:Starlight in The Shades (from “The Alpha Memory”, Bologna, Italy)
  11. enkElination: Insane (from “Tears of Lust”, London UK)
  12. Pyramids on Mars: Death Valley Driver (from “Echo Cosmic”, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
  13. Vile Display of Humanity: You Can’t Escape (from “Vile Display of Humanity, Chicago, USA)
  14. Organ Dealer: Anencephaly (from “Visceral Infection”, Montclare, New Jersy, USA)
  15. The Callout: Living Proof That We Won’t Change (from “New EP 2012”, Redditch, UK)
  16. Cretus: Price of Immortality (from “Dux Mea Lux” (Pavement Records)
  17. Deathwhite: Solitary Martyr (from “Solitary Martyr”, USA)
  18. Dogbane: Karma (from “When Karma Comes Calling”, NC, USA)
  19. For Giants: Pulaski Day (from “We are The Universe”, California, USA)


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