DC 523 Curxe you Sun

This week, Sun, Sun Sun, oh how a hate thee. Lets move to Norway. Using Spotify to promote our artists, good idea? Are you a spotify user? My prediction for Eurovision failed, but so did Engelbert Humperdinck.Bieber Under investigation over an assault. He’s a wet lettuce. BBC mistake Halo Logo as one for the UN Security Council, a boost for Halo, or a firing for a researcher? The Association of Music Podcasting are planning a new sampler release. Are you a downloader or do you like physical CDs?

Picture: Curxes.

You will hear:

Starlight Girls: Gossip
Apex Manor: Teenage Blood, USA
Curxes: Once Upon a Time, UK
Lost Without Cause: Tourniquet, UK
Dr Das: Payback Dub, UK
Syd Arthur: Ode To The Summer, UK
Jessie Murphy in The Woods: God Save Owen Wilson, USA
Nordic Giants: Shine (Featuring Cate Ferris), UK
Esperi: Come Dine With Me, Scotland
Bold As Love: Fast Forward Rewind, Wales

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