DC 525 The Brand Police

This week, recommended to me by Last.FM is the running theme this week. Second attempt at recording, and getting mixed up. Move to Canada, emails about why I want to move, and socials to Last FM and Reverbnation, maybe Tumblr? Who uses that?
Zappa catalogue to be re-released. Apple to drop Ping, I liked Ping – pity they didn’t work on it. Sports Pubs in trouble in London by The Brand Police, removing “the games that shall not be named” advertisements because of licensing. Movie Makers still have no imagination, this time Robocop. Looking forward to Podcrawl which is only a week away.

Picture: Nordic Giants

You will hear:

Rai Knight: Without U, USA
O.Children: PT Cruiser, UK
Bens Imaginary Band: Black Sheep, Canada
Paul E. Phonics: The Grand Illusion, Germany
Marionette ID: Serenity, Hungary
Nordic Giants: B.O.A.T.S Feat Amdine, UK
Psy’Aviah: Mine (Cut.Rate.Box Remix), Belgium
Secret Archives of The Vatican: Dark Night of the Soul (Jean Delacroix Remix), UK
Riff Action Family: Sky, Russian Federation
Sleepmakeswaves: What We Cannot Speak of, must be passed over in Silence, Australia

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