DC755 Blood Eden

  1. Saints of Death: Blood Vendetta (from “Armstrong Metalfest 2016 – Mountain Moshpit Vol. 1”, British Colombia, Canada, Asher)
  2. Haan: Pasture / Abuela (from “Sing Praises”, New York, USA, Kaos Kontrol )
  3. Tiebreaker: Pan American Grindstone (from “Death Tunes”, Bergen, Norway, Karisma Records)
  4. W.M.D. : Thrash Attack (from “Armstrong Metalfest 2016 – Mountain Moshpit Vol. 1”, Calgary, Canada, Asher)
  5. Them County Bastardz: In The County (from “Sick Dayz”, Canada, Asher)
  6. Red Cain: Unborn (from “Red Cain”, Calgary, Canada, Asher)
  7. Burak Ozmucur: Closer (from “A Distant Light”, New Jersey, USA, Independent Music Promotions)
  8. Diatonic: Replace The Numbers (from “I Am the One”, Sweden, Tritons Orbit, Against PR)
  9. Eufobia: Graveyard (from “Eufobia”, Bulgaria, Wizard,  Grand Sounds PR)
  10. Haema: Eden (Northamptonshire, UK)


Download Armstrong Metalfest 2016 here

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