DC756 Holy Concrete

  1. The Workhorse III: Holy Roller (from “Closer to Relevance”, Philadelphia, USA, Clawhammer
  2. Kill for Eden: Love You So (Single Release, London, UK)
  3. Heaven’s Decay: Born of Fire (from “The Great Void of Mystery”,
    Chaos Records, Spain)
  4. Psychostick: N.O.E.L. (USA)
  5. Soul Seller: Memories (from “Matter of Faith”, Italy, Tanzan Music, Against PR)
  6. Afterlife Symphony: The Abyss (from “Moment Between Lives”, Italy, Against PR)
  7. Cnoc An Tursa: The Yellow Locks of Charlie (from “The Forty Five”, Scotland, Apocalyptic Witchcraft) Out Early 2017
  8. Black Tusk: God’s Own Vacation (from “Pillars of Ash”, Relapse Records)
  9. Riftwalker: Engineer Their Consent (from “Green and Black”, Canada)
  10. Delete The Mass: Concrete (from “Μάζα”, Athens, Greece)


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