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DC754 Deflection Gone

  1. Blindfold: Deflection (from “Multipolar Disorder of Substance”, Athens, Greece, Imminence Records)
  2. Booby Trap: Overloaded (from “Overloaded”, Portugal, Firecum Records, AgainstPR)
  3. The Danger of Falling: Myself/Alone (from “Hope/Well”, West Virginia, USA)
  4. Pohjoisen Soturit: Sisu (from “Oksat Pois … Ja Osa Latvuksista”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  5. Defiant: The Jericho (from “Time Isn’t Healing”, Russia Ferrium Records)
  6. Endemise: Come Serene Dark (from “Anathema”, Ontario, Canada, Asher)
  7. Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas: Cygnus (from “Mariner”, Sweden, Indie Recordings)
  8. Enslaved: Alu Misyrki (from “The Sleeping Gods- Thorn”, Norway, By Norse Music) – experimental material from 10/11 – 25 years.
  9. Carved: Malice Striker (from “Kyrie Elison”, Italy, Revalve Records, Grand Sounds)
  10. Dark Clarity: All Have Gone (from “Dark Clarity”, Lahti, Finland, Inverse Records)


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