DC746 Rattlesnake Heroes

  1. Smokey Fingers: Rattlesnake Trail (from “Promised Land”, Italy, Tanzan Music)
  2. Nina Cobra: I am A Man (Swiss/Canada)
  3. Project Theory: Guardian Angel (from “Something Between Us”, Greece, Sliptrick Records)
  4. Dethonator: I am Thunder God (from “I am Thundergod/Harbinger” Double A Side, UK)
  5. The Reticent: The Girl Broken (from “On The Eve of A Goodbye”, Heaven and Hell Records)
  6. Bent Sea: Caged Cruelty (from “Ascend”)
  7. Hellgoat: Scars of Our Devotion (from “Eden in Flames”,  Atlanta, USA, Boris Records / Pale Horse Records)
  8. Source: Serpent (from “Return to Nothing”, Boulder, Colorada, USA, Pavement Records)
  9. Uforia: Fight or Flight (from “Fight or Flight”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  10. Chine: Floating (from “Imanent”, Sweden)
  11. Easy Trigger: Sold Out (from “Ways of Perseverance”, Verona, Italy)
  12. October File: Heroes are Welcome (UK)