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DC747 Bridgeburner Heart

  1. Soulwound: Bridgeburner (Finland)
  2. Until We Die: Blessed with Insanity (from “A World in Flames”, Melbourne Australia)
  3. Venom Prison: Celestial Patricide (from “Animus”, UK, Prosthetic Records)
  4. Hyperion: Flagellum Dei (from “Seraphical Euphony”, Stockhol, Sweden, Black Lion Records)
  5. Mortiis: Geisteskrank (Single Release, Oslo, Norway)
  6. Antimateria: Kun Aukeaa Mysteerit Kuoleman (from “Valo aikojen takaa”, Finland, Purity Through Fire Records)
  7. Atlas: A Waltz (from “Death & Fear, Sweden, 1st November)
  8. Kingbreaker: Straitjacket (Single Release, UK)
  9. Shark Infested Daughters: Glass Kingdom (from “These Tides, Our Tombs”, Calgary, Canada, Asher)  11th November
  10. Jupiter Hollow: Hades Heart (Single Release, Ontario, Canada)



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