DC746 Rattlesnake Heroes

This week Metal, Doom and Thrash from The USA, Canada, Europe.

  1. Smokey Fingers: Rattlesnake Trail (from “Promised Land”, Italy, Tanzan Music)
  2. Nina Cobra: I am A Man (Swiss/Canada)
  3. Project Theory: Guardian Angel (from “Something Between Us”, Greece, Sliptrick Records)
  4. Dethonator: I am Thunder God (from “I am Thundergod/Harbinger” Double A Side, UK)
  5. The Reticent: The Girl Broken (from “On The Eve of A Goodbye”, Heaven and Hell Records)
  6. Bent Sea: Caged Cruelty (from “Ascend”)
  7. Hellgoat: Scars of Our Devotion (from “Eden in Flames”,  Atlanta, USA, Boris Records / Pale Horse Records)
  8. Source: Serpent (from “Return to Nothing”, Boulder, Colorada, USA, Pavement Records)
  9. Uforia: Fight or Flight (from “Fight or Flight”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  10. Chine: Floating (from “Imanent”, Sweden)
  11. Easy Trigger: Sold Out (from “Ways of Perseverance”, Verona, Italy)
  12. October File: Heroes are Welcome (UK)




DC 630 Come on Glory

Fully recovered from Podcrawl.  That was fun.  Archives are almost here, and music submissions from listeners,  I’d like more of that. Featuring:

  1. Royal Blood: Come on Over (Brighton, UK)
  2. Psychostick: It’s Just a Movie, Stupid (Arizona, USA) MERCH OFFER found by Insane Star
  3. English Dogs: Down with The Underdogs (UK, Candlelight)
  4. Party Cannon: Duct-Tape to a Flag Pole (Dunfermline, Scotland)
  5. Cold Colours: From This Pain (Minneapolis, USA, Clawhammer)
  6. On Top: Bad Love (USA)
  7. Expain: Don’t Worry, The Worst is Yet to Come (Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  8. Ending Quest: Black Death (Stockholm, Sweden)
  9. Deathwhite: When I (Wasn’t) You (Clawhammer)
  10. Serdce: Unique Path  (Minsk, Belarus)
  11. Deus Otiosus: Rising War (Copenhagen, Denmark, Deepsend, Clawhammer)
  12. Invidiom: Metamorphosis (London, UK)
  13. Shards of Humanity: Fractured Frequencies (Tennessee, USA, Unspeakable Records, Clawhammer)
  14. Algebra: Survival Nowadays (Switzerland, Unspeakable Records, Clawhammer)
  15. Definitely A First: Daydreamer (USA, Imminence Records, Persistent Heart)
  16. Undying Inc: Aggressive World Dynasty (Delhi, India)
  17. The Sun Explodes: SevenThreeOne (Carlisle, UK)
  18. Such Sights: Crooked Houses (Sheffield, UK)
  19. Repaid in Blood: Waste of Time (San Jose, CA, USA, Music Submit)
  20. Joffel Project: She Builds Quick Machines (Helsinki, Finland)
  21. The Ghosts of Vegas: Dead Man (Illinois, USA)
  22. The Dead Daisies: Your Karma (USA, Tijuana Gift Shop)
  23. So Hideous: Glory (NY, USA, Clawhammer)