DC733 Gift Dots

Dont forget Podcrawl 2016 in August!

  1. Triple Sun: A Gift (from The City Lies in Ruins, London, UK, Consoling Sounds, Pioneer Music Press)
  2. Devil Gone Public: Smokehound (from Smokehound, Florida, USA)
  3. Antyra: Flammenflut (from Pentachronist, Leipzig, Germany)
  4. Shivers Addiction:  Painted Arrow (feat. Evelyn)(from Choose Your Prison, Italy, Revalve Records)
  5. Panychida: Josefat (from Haereticalia, Czech Republic)
  6. Funeral Mantra: Parsec (from Afterglow, Italy, Sliptrick Records)
  7. Implode: Nailbiter (from The Anity Cimex EP, Sweden)
  8. Gévaudan: The Burning of The Black Sum (Single, Hertfordshire, UK)
  9. Shiny Black Anthem: Crawling Back Home (from Unbreakable, Italy)
  10. Black Space Riders: Freedom at First Sight (from Beyond Refugeeum)
  11. Fractal Cypher: Prison Planet (Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  12. Paul Chain: Electric Funeral (from Alkahest, Italy, Minotauro Records)
  13. Carnal Decay: No Sequel (from Promo 2016, Switzerland, Rising Nemesis Records, Grand Sounds)
  14. Denominate: Apeirophobia (from Those Who Beheld The End, Finland)
  15. Dominance: Journey to A New Life (from XX: The Rising Vengeance, Italy,)
  16. Monsterworks: Black Swan Annihilation (from Black Swan Annihilation, UK, Eat Lead and Die)
  17. Defuntos: A Reza Da Tristeza (from A Eterna Dança da Morte, Portugal, Dunkelheit Records)
  18. The Devils Music: Break Through (from The Devils Music, UK, Coffee Jingle Records)
  19. Unlit Face: Conquering Darkness (from Everlasting Transformation, Sweden, Grandsounds)
  20. Netherlands: Dots (from Audubon, NYC, USA, Prosthetic Records)


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