DC734 New World Quack

Don’t forget Podrawl, just over one month away!

  1. Silverbones: Raiders of The New World (from “Wild Waves”, Italy, Stormspell Records)
  2. Abscendent: Doppelgänger (from “Decaying Human Condition”, Italy, Revalve Records)
  3. Nightmen: Go Go (from “Fifteen Minutes of Pain”, Sweden)
  4. Deepshade: Sad Sum (from “Everything Popular is Wrong”, Wigan, UK)
  5. Klogr: Breathing Heart (Single Release, Malmo, Sweden)
  6. Abyss: Bloodlust (from “The Darkest Depths”, S.Carolia, USA)
  7. La Bottega del Tempo a Vapore: Urlandi Demoni (from “Il Guerriero Errante”, Italy, Minotauro Records)
  8. Ethereal Riffian: Drum of The Deathless (from “Youniversal Voice”, Ukraine)
  9. Sun of Gaia: Endless Wake (from “Corrode”, Australia)
  10. Gebrechlichkeit: Nyktophobie (from “Aphorismen der Angst”, Germany, Human to Dust)
  11. Polar: Downfall (from “No Cure, No Saviour”, Guildford, Surrey, UK)
  12. Endemise: Anathema (Single Release, Canada, Asher)
  13. Ominous Eclipse : Plains of Death (from “End of Days”, Ottawa, Canada)
  14. Crimson Fire: Master your Destiny (from “Fireborn”, Greece, Pitch Black Records)
  15. Dakesis: To Conquer or Die (from “The New Dawn”, UK, CapsAArx)
  16. Haiku Funeral: Hallucinations (from “Hallucinations”, France, Aesthetic Death Records)
  17. Urban Aliens: Total Bruntage (from “7 Tounes D’ÉPais”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  18. Trautonist: Trautonist (from “Trautonist”, Germany, Wolves & Vibrancy Records)
  19. Powered by Death: Ignorant Generation (from “It’s only Getting worse”, Canada, Heathen Tribes Records)
  20. Thränenkind: King Apathy (from “King Apathy”, Germany, Life-force Records)
  21. (hed)p.e.: Closer (Single Release, Pavement Records)
  22. Psychostick: Quack Kills (from “IV: Revenge of The Vengence”, USA)





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