DC732 Stormreaper Midnight

Dont forget Podcrawl 2016 in August!

  1. Tendonitis: Stormreaper (from Storm Reaper, Switzerland)
  2. Saintorment: For The Long Time (from Well of Sins, Latvia)
  3. Ventenner: Unaffected (from Distorter, London, UK)
  4. Warfather: Orders of The Horde (from The Grey Eminence, Greyhaze Records)
  5. Wayfarer: Deathless Tundra (from Old Souls, Denver, Colorado, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  6. Hour of Anguish: Hateful, Hollow (from Solace of Sorrow, Sweden)
  7. Circle of Reason: Tie Up The Sky (from Faith of Theory, Southampton, UK)
  8. Panychida: Perchtenlaufen (from Haereticalia, Czech Republic)
  9. Névoa: Contemplation (from Re Un, Portugal)
  10. Sojourner: Empires of Ash (from Empires of Ash, Everywhere)
  11. Redshift Pilots: Fickle Companion (from Lurker, California, USA)
  12. A Devils Din: Nature of The Beast (from Skylight, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  13. Inferior: Carving The Legacy (from The Red Beast, Sweden, Big Ball Productions)
  14. Volymian: Line of Fire (from Maze of Madness, Finland, Mapel Metal Records)
  15. Körsbärsfettera: Vardagen (Single Release, Sweden)
  16. Aftermoon: Lumia (from Phase One, Kiev, Ukraine, Wormhole Death)
  17. Unleash The Archers: Tonight We Ride (from Armstrong Metalfest, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  18. Arctic: Over Smoked (from S/T, California, USA, Pioneer Music Press)
  19. Beelzefuzz: Hardluck Melody (from The Righteous Bloom, Restricted Release/The Church Within
    19 August 2016
  20. ThrOes: Permanent Midnight (from Viper Womb, Tasmania, Australia)


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