Gracepoint: Echoes

Gracepoint_21916Gracepoint are an infectious Progressive Metal back from Minneapolis, USA.
With their second album, Echoes, out on the 1st April, it has a lot of signature infectious progressive metal grooves with influences from the past 40 years.

Bass player Sam Van Moer and drummer Lance Reed form a musical foundation rich in both syncopation and groove. Guitarists Lon Kunze and Stefan Radzilowski deal in aggressive and complex riffs while placing a clear emphasis on strong rhythmic and melodic phrasing. Together, the band tempers a myriad of time signature changes with groove, melodic sense, and concise song structures thereby forming the backdrop for the clear and powerful vocals of singer Matt Tennessen who brings another level of emotional depth and color to the music.

The album is available for pre-order on thier website, and over on Bandcamp too.