School of Seven Bells: SVIIB

I know, this is leftfield for my Metalhead followers, but School of Seven Bells have been a band I’ve been following a long time, and, if the other media sources are to be believed, this will be the last.

After Benjamin’s untimely passing to Lymphoma, Alejandra has been left the task of sorting out all his final musical pieces, to make this “final” album.

And its perfect. Its been a long time coming (I preordered as soon as I found out).

The opener Ablaze is haunting, and Open my Heart sound so reminiscent of when her sister sung with her Claudia on their album Alpinisms back in 2008.

Its been a while coming this album, and it’s understandable.  I suppose with the history this album has now, there’s something even more meaningful in the lyrics and the orchestration, especially in tracks like Elias, and certainly Confusion (which was put together Ben’s post-diagnosis).

I so admire Alejandra’s determination to release this album, I’m sure there are a lot of people who would have become broken by the task.  This of course, again, makes this album a testament to conviction too.

For a great epitaph to Benjamin, you cannot get any better that this album. Alejandra wonderful lyrics and singing just bring everything into a sharp focus, even when there’s “Cocteau Twins” style over-modulation and fuzziness.

I’m being selfish here, but I do hope Alejandra continues with “The School of Seven Bells” moniker, because the flame needs to be kept lit.  I would of course understand if she didn’t, move on and all that.

Pick up SVIIB – School of Seven Bells

Thanks Alejandra, Benjamin, & Vagrant Records.