DC714 Find Evil

Another 10 tracks.
Only two weeks until Hammerfest, cannot wait.

  1. Bayharbour: Find Solace (from “Find Solace”, Brisbane, Australia)
  2. No Raza: Contaminated Roots (from “Arts When Chaos Reigns”, Columbia)
  3. Beholder: Against The Wall (from “Frozen Steps to Utoya”, UK)
  4. Zlang Zlut: Against the Wall / Freedom is a Bitch (from “Crossbow Kicks”, Basel, Switzerland)
  5. Rhine: Fragments (from “An Outsider”, Seattle, Washington, USA)
  6. Denigrate: Liar / Cold Fateful (from “Hollowpoint”, Helsinki, Finland)
  7. Angelseed: The Healer (from “Angelseed”, Croatia)
  8. One Morning Left: Devil’s Nest (from “Metalcore Superstars”, Finland)
  9. Divine Realm: Tectum Argenti (from “Tectum Argenti”, Ontario, Canada)
  10. Justice Therory: Necessary Evil (from “Neccessary Evil”, Finland)




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