DC707 Drive

Another musical hero departs from this world.

10 bands listened to this week, some old (and remaster), and some new.

  1. Evenu: Drive (Single Release, Exeter, UK)
  2. Five Miles North of Nowhere: A slice of Fried Gold (from “Less Talk, More Action”, Southampton, UK)
  3. Kroh: Heaving Earth (from “Precious Bones”, Birmingham, UK)
  4. Elegies: Cocoon (Single Release, Sheffield UK)
  5. Ascendor: Drive My Demons Away (Single Release, Malta)
  6. Proll Guns: From Texas to Hell (from “Horseflesh BBQ”, Austria, Nrt-Records)
  7. Kidneythieves: Dark Horse (from “Tryp0fanatic”, Los Angeles, USA)
  8.  Demon: Remembrance Day (A Song for Peace)(from “Taking The World by Storm, Remastered), Leek, Staffordshire, UK
  9. Fall: Soul Ignition (from “The Insatiable Weakness”, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA)
  10. Heimdalls Wacht: Wellenbrand (from “Der Untergang der alten Welt”, Germany, Heidens Hart Records)


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