DC703 We Bleed …

Celebrating 11 years of podcasting and things I did at the beginning are now common place, and a great selection this week from around the world.

This week features:

  1. Chastain: We Bleed Metal (USA)
  2. Zierler: Aggrezzor (Denmark)
  3. Neuronia: Good Clean Fun (Poland)
  4. The Iron Son: This World is Decay (USA)
  5. Elision of Animus: Purge (Portugal)
  6. Worldsaway: Greed (Australia)
  7. Striker: Too Late (Canada)
  8. Mindfield: D.A.R.K. (Poland)
  9. Mano Humana: Arbol (Chile)
  10. Wolfhorde: Fimbulvetr (Finland)


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