DC702 Welcome Tension

I’m liking this Tuesday thing, it doesn’t conflict with other music podcasts, as they are Mondays and Fridays, but I’m setting alarms – 10 years of recording for Thursday has imprinted itself.

Farewell to Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots will always be in my head.

Photo: Soulline (Thomas Ebert)
This week music from :

  1. Souline: Welcome My Sun (Switzerland)
  2. Zombina and The Skeletones: All I wanna do is Decompose with You (UK)
  3. Pyro, Ohio: The Truest Reflection (USA)
  4. Our Souls Evolve: Self (Canada)
  5. Phased: Burning Paradigm (Switzerland)
  6. Human Desolation: Hybrid Haven (Sweden)
  7. Soulthern: Runaway (Brazil)
  8. Standing Ovation: Permafrost (Finland)
  9. Suppressive Fire: Ceasefire (USA)
  10. A Tumor Called Marla: A Different Tension (Hungary)


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