DC701 Assimalate Master

We’re back baby.

The new shows will be a shorter format, and more mixtape-ish – featuring 10 tracks from the bands I’ve heard during the week. There will be a future site/charity fund drive, but that needs to be flattened out – probably after the festive break as everyone is spending their hard earned cash on other people.

Artwork: Jeff Meeks (Crit.jeff@gmail.com)

This week:

  1. Dora The Destroyer: Assimalate
  2. Beyond Life: Heavy Rain
  3. Darkher: Ghost Tears
  4. The Subways: We don’t need Money to Have a Good Time
  5. Red Bee: Chokehold
  6. In Twilights Embrace: Post Modern Post Mortem
  7. Machinæ: Into Light
  8. Deathtronic: Kalila Dimma
  9. Alpha Shallows: Set The Fires
  10. Dweezil Zappa: Dragon Master


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