DC680 Mark of Light

  1. Demon Lung: MARK OF JUBILEE (from “A Dracula”, Las Vegas, USA, Candlelight Records) Photo by Red Flame Photo
  2. The Fiend: Bring out Your Dead (from “Greed Power Religion War”, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, Candlelight Records)
  3. Anachronism: A way to Emptiness (from “Reflecting The Inside”, Lausanne, Switzerland)
  4. Their Dogs Were Astronauts: Earthkeeper (from “Earthkeeper”, Salzburg, Austria)
  5. Kastasyde: Blackhearts (from “Gnosis”, Chicago, USA, Clawhammer)
  6. Like Tyrants: Jealousy (from “Despicable Feelings”, Akron, Ohio, USA, Persistent Heart Media)
  7. Being As An Ocean: The Zealot’s Blindfold (from “Being as An Ocean”, California, USA)
  8. Dysentry: Oblivion (from “Fragments”, MA, USA)
  9. Black Space Riders : Universal Bloodlines (from “Refugeeum”, Meunster, Germany, Black Space Records / Cargo Records, Clawhammer)
  10. Ventenner: Distorture (from “Distorture”, London UK)
  11. Under Paris: Midwest Winters (from “Transitions”, Clinton, IA, USA, Imminence Records )
  12. Trna: A Drop in The Ocean (from “Pattern of Infinity”, Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  13. Servant Sun: Recall (from “Servant Sun”, Glasgow, Scotland)
  14. Dying Humanity: I Am King (from “Deadened”, Chemnitz, Germany, Bastardised Records, Clawhammer)
  15. Neck of The Woods: Disavow (from “Neck of The Woods”, British Columbia, Canada, Self Release, Clawhammer)
  16. Caustic Method: Virus (from “The Virus”, Syracuse, NY, USA, Pavement Entertainment, Clawhammer)
  17. Porta Nigra: Femme Fatale (from “Femme Fatale”)
  18. Villians: Like Father, Like Son (from “Freudian Slip”,  Chicago, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  19. Mystifier: Beelzebub (from “Goetia”, Salvador, Brazil, Greyhaze Records, Clawhammer)
  20. Grenouer: Daily Miracles (from “Unwanted Today”, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Mausoleum Records)
  21. Third Ion: 13/8bit (from “13/8bit”, Glasstone Records, Clawhammer)
  22. Mars Red Sky: The Light Beyond (from “Stranded in Arcadia”, Bordeaux, France, Listenable Records, Stampede Press)


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