DC677 Defy Tonight

  1. Titans Eve: We Defy (from “Chasing the Devil”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  2. Coathanger Abortion: Media Mindshare (from “Observations of Humanity”)
  3. Curse Upon a Prayer: Divinus Mortis (from “Rotten Tongues”)
  4. An Empire Will Fall: Possession (from “The Spawn”, Nottingham, UK)
  5. Mean Machine: Master I Am (Single Release, London UK)
  6. Forgotten Horror: Behold a Shadow Goddess (from “Aeon of The Shadow Goddess”, Finland)
  7. Arkiva: Final Solace (Lincolnshire, UK)
  8. Mutank: Corporate Child (from “M.E.C.H. Metal”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
    The free Sampler “Destroying The Moshpit” is available here
  9. Psychostick: So Heavy (USA)
  10. Interim: She’s The Devil (from “Metanarratives”, Queensland, Australia)
  11. Distant Sun: Godsdoom (from “Dark Matter”, Moscow, Russia)
  12. SIC: Reach Inside (Faroe Islands)
  13. Calling Apollo: Monsters (from “Hunter|Gatherer”, Cardiff, Wales)
  14. Needless: Themis Weeps (from The Dark Spirit of Ages”, Hungary)
  15. iwrestledabearonce: Gift of Death (from “Hail Mary”, LA, USA)
  16. Amanita Virosa: No Life King (from “Asystole”, Finland)
  17. Drawcard: Kids (from “Goons Ltd”, Australia
  18. Under Paris: At War with Myself (from “Transitions”, Indiana, USA)
  19. Daniel Trigger: Invisible(Bromsgrove, UK)
  20. Crystal Seagulls: Sunkissed (London, UK)
  21. Liberatae Mae: High Stakes (from “Viewpoint”, Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, UK)
  22. Lacey: Tonight (from “Under the Brightest Lights”, Nottingham, UK)


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