DC676 Until Swim

  1. Secret Lie: Until Death do us Apart (from “Pandora”, Portuagal)
  2. I am The Trireme: Basking in the Essence of  My Sorrow (from Gnosis: Never Follow the Light, Philadelphia, USA)
  3. Pathways: Hollow (from “Harlot”, South Florida, USA)
  4. Withering Soul: Hex Illusion (from “Adverse Portrait”, Chicago, USA)
  5. My Grimace: Reveal Nothing (from “Grim Serenades”, Jyväskylä, Finland)
  6. Grieved: Not Withstanding (from “Samaritans”, Stockholm, Sweden)
  7. Prion: Chronic Disease (from “Uncertain Process”, Argentina, Comatose Records, Clawhammer)
  8. Saturnian Mist: Chaos Unchained (from “Chaos Magick”, Tampere,  Finland)
  9. Cave of Swimmers: the Skull (from “Reflection”, Venezuela)
  10. Vidare Black: Tonight you be Alone (from “Vidare Black”, Ohio, USA)
  11. Curse upon a Prayer: Death Sentence (from “Rotten Tongues”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  12. Titans Eve: Warpath (from “Chasing the Devil”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  13. An Empire Will Fall: Succubus (from “The Spawn”, Nottingham, UK)
  14. Spitfire: Damned if you Do (from “Fuel to Burn”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  15. Fall of The Archetype: Part II: Cries So Silent  (from “Psynopsis”, Bristol, UK)
  16. In Other Climes: Dreams (from “Leftover”, Nice, France, Bastardized Recordings, Clawhammer)
  17. On Scalar Waves: Apathy (from “Sequence”, Italy)
  18. Forgotten Horror: The Adept (from “Aeon of The Shadow Goddess”, Finland)
  19. Black Tower:  Death March (from “Destroying the Moshpit Vol 1”, Ontario, Canada, Asher)
  20. Cubic Space Division: Sunspot (Folkestone, UK)
  21. Elasea: Sink or Swim (Berkshire, UK)


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