DC677 Defy Tonight

  1. Titans Eve: We Defy (from “Chasing the Devil”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  2. Coathanger Abortion: Media Mindshare (from “Observations of Humanity”)
  3. Curse Upon a Prayer: Divinus Mortis (from “Rotten Tongues”)
  4. An Empire Will Fall: Possession (from “The Spawn”, Nottingham, UK)
  5. Mean Machine: Master I Am (Single Release, London UK)
  6. Forgotten Horror: Behold a Shadow Goddess (from “Aeon of The Shadow Goddess”, Finland)
  7. Arkiva: Final Solace (Lincolnshire, UK)
  8. Mutank: Corporate Child (from “M.E.C.H. Metal”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
    The free Sampler “Destroying The Moshpit” is available here
  9. Psychostick: So Heavy (USA)
  10. Interim: She’s The Devil (from “Metanarratives”, Queensland, Australia)
  11. Distant Sun: Godsdoom (from “Dark Matter”, Moscow, Russia)
  12. SIC: Reach Inside (Faroe Islands)
  13. Calling Apollo: Monsters (from “Hunter|Gatherer”, Cardiff, Wales)
  14. Needless: Themis Weeps (from The Dark Spirit of Ages”, Hungary)
  15. iwrestledabearonce: Gift of Death (from “Hail Mary”, LA, USA)
  16. Amanita Virosa: No Life King (from “Asystole”, Finland)
  17. Drawcard: Kids (from “Goons Ltd”, Australia
  18. Under Paris: At War with Myself (from “Transitions”, Indiana, USA)
  19. Daniel Trigger: Invisible(Bromsgrove, UK)
  20. Crystal Seagulls: Sunkissed (London, UK)
  21. Liberatae Mae: High Stakes (from “Viewpoint”, Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, UK)
  22. Lacey: Tonight (from “Under the Brightest Lights”, Nottingham, UK)


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DCMS 84 Back from The Dark

A month? What the … This has to change and s I’m announcing Mad Metal March, where I’ll do a show every weekend in March, that might kick start this farking show again. It’s been too long.
So an hours work of rock, metal, death and thrash from around the world. Enjoy.
Picture: Edge of Attack, Reverbnation

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