DC675 Dizzy Air

  1. Encyrcle: Dizzy Me Deadly (from “Encyrcle”, Denmark, Unspeakable Axe Records, Clawhammer)
  2. Pohjoinen: RJD (from “Pohjoinen”, Helsinki, Finland)
  3. Choking on Illusions: Rest-Less (from Rest/less”, Saarbrücken, Germany)
  4. Alfa Eridano Akhernar: We Shall Return! (from “Aztec War Metal”, Mexico)
  5. XUL: Summon The Swarm (from “Extinction Necromance”, British Colombia, Canada)
  6. Shawn James & The Shapeshifters: Lake of Fire (From The Gospel According to Shawn James and The Shapeshifters”, Arkansas, USA)
  7. Puttin’ on The Foil: Fishin’ Song (from “Fire Up, Ready to Roll”, Calgary Canada, Asher)
  8. Shattered Sun: Hope Within…. (Alice, Texas, USA, Victory Records)
  9. Pathways: Specter (from “Harlot”, South Florida, USA)
  10. The Prestige: Enfants Terribles (from “Amer”, Paris, France)
  11. Gutter Instinct: The Invisible Hand (from “The Insurrection”, Helsingborg, Sweden, Prosthetic Records)
  12. A Billion Lions: Torquay (from “Let it Happen”, Leeds, UK) 56:08
  13. Withering Soul: The Dreadful Echo (from “Adverse Portrait”, Chicago, USA)
  14. I am The Trireme: Grey Fields of Ash (from Gnosis: Never Follow the Light, Philadelphia, USA)
  15. Grieved: Pale Hand (from “Samaritans”, Stockholm, Sweden)
  16. Perdition: Walls of Biblicide (from “Perdition”, , Imminence Records, Persistent Heart)
  17. Akhlys: Breathe and Levitation (from “The Dreaming I”, Akhlys – the new band of Naas Alcameth from Nightbringer, Debemur Morti Productions)
  18. Defy All Reason: Midnight Train (Single Release, Wrexham, Wales)
  19. Galvano: Following the Trail (from “Trail of the Serpent”, Gothenburg, Sweden, Candlelight)
  20. Deepshade: Bring The Axe Down (Wigan, UK)
  21. Cave of Swimmers: The Prince of The Power of The Air (from “Reflection”,  Venezuela)


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