DC671 Red Failure

  1. Kontinuum: Red Stream (from “Kyrr”, Iceland)
  2. Khors: Night Falls onto The Front of Ours (from “Night Falls onto The Front of Ours”, Ukraine, Candlelight)
  3. Dead Lucky: Prowler (from “Sons of Lazarus”, South Africa)
  4. Ad Nauseam: Superimposing Mere Will (from Nihil Quam Vaciutas Ordinatum  Est”, Italy, Lavadome Records)
  5. The 8th Bridge: Wake or Die (Cardiff, UK)
  6. Arrival of Autumn: The Court of Owls (from “Shadows”, Canada)
  7. The Lidocaine: The End to The Beginning or The Beginning go The End (from “Chicken Cage of Horror”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  8. House of Arteus: Oresteia (from “The Spear and The Ichor that follows”, Minnesota, USA, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  9. Elderoth: Always Remember (from “Mystic”, Canada)
  10. Strong Addiction: Fix me (from “Anesthesia”, Helsinki, Finland)
  11. Deathblow: Beyond Obsession (from “The Other side of Darkness”, Salt Lake City, USA)
  12. Chip Di Monick: Uncaged (Single Release, Pittsburgh, USA)
  13. Inquinamentum: Banned To The Nether (from “Void”, Leeds, UK)
  14. Cyrence: The Hospital (Single Release, Munich, Germany)
  15. Klogr: Breaking Down (Single Release, Capri, Italy)
  16. Palace of The King: No Chance in Hell (from “No Chance in Hell”, Melbourne, Australia)
  17. Betrayed with a Kiss: Goodbye My Love (Indianapolis, USA)
  18. Calatrilloz: I am Alive (London, UK)
  19. Teethgrinder: Misanthropy (from “Misanthropy”, Netherlands)
  20. Entropy O.A.C: Failure to Thrive (from “Dark Clouds and Clarity”, Wisconsin, USA)


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