DC672 Anesthesia Circles

  1. Strong Addiction:Anesthesia (from “Anesthesia”, Helsinki, Finland)
  2. Deathblow: Means to an End (from “The Other side of Darkness”, Salt Lake City, USA)
  3. Chip Di Monick: You ain’t Punk (Single Release, Pittsburgh, USA)
  4. Inquinamentum: Fading (from “Void”, Leeds, UK)
  5. Aberration: Twisted into Fragments (USA)
  6. Teethgrinder: Death of The Individual (from “Misanthropy”, Netherlands)
  7. A Darker Day: Sweet Release (Single Release, Ontario, Canada)
  8. Vetten Äpärät: Sydäntalven Viha (from “Sydäntalven Viha”, Finland)
  9. Meridius: Conquer The Throne (from “Meridius”, BC, Canada, Asher)
  10. Entropy O.A.C: Realm of Grey (from “Dark Clouds and Clarity”, Wisconsin, USA)
  11. Zatokrev: Swallow The Teeth  (from “Silk Spiders Underwater”, Switzerland, Candlelight)
  12. Cognitive: Willingness of The Weak (from “Cognitive”, NewJersey, USA, Clawhammer PR)
  13. Lungless: Eden (from “Inhale”, Canada)
  14. The Jade Assembly: One Last Time (Single Release, Bolton, UK)
  15. Witch of The Waste: They Haunt Minds (from “Made of Teeth”, Vancouver, Canada)
  16. The Dreaming: Alone (from “Rise Again”, USA)
  17. The Rezillos: Out of This World (from “Zero”, Scotland)
  18. Mech Wendigo: The Bait & The Trap (London, UK)
  19. Threestepstotheocean: Sur (from “Migration Light”, Milan, Italy)
  20. Wings of Thanatos: Symbols (from “Dualism EP”, Adelaide, Australia)
  21. Kauan: Unsoi (from “Muistumia”, Russian Federation)
  22. Damian Murdoch Trio: Visceral Circles of The Cosmos (from “Electric Tentacles”, Melbourne, Vienna, Prosthetic Records)


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