DC669 Kerosene Time

  1. Kill for Eden: Kerosene (London, UK)
  2. Kurhan: ….. (from “Głód”, Poland, Arachnophobia Records)
  3. Antagonist AD: Hard Feelings (from “Haunt Me As I Roam”, New Zealand, Life-force Records) 13th April Release
  4. Eternal Solstice: Ritual Prey (from “Remnants of Immortality”, Netherlands, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  5. Monsterworks: Ripple Effect (from “The Existential Codex”, New Zealand)
  6. Muck: Waiting (from “Your Joyous Future”, Iceland, Prosthetic)
  7. Ultra-Violence: Gavels Bang (from “deflect the Flow”, Turin, Italy, Candlelight Records) 20th April Release
  8. Red Bee: Chokehold (New South Wales, Australia)
  9. Deformity BR: Bloody Banquet (from “AnthroposDeadGoreDisgustingPhagia”, Brazil)
  10. Psycroptic: Endless Wandering (from “Psycroptic”, Tasmania, Australia, Prosthetic Records)
  11. King Hitter: The End (from “King Hitter”, USA) Corrosion of conformity new project.
  12. Kontinuum: Breathe (from “Kyrr”, Iceland)
  13. Incinerate: Inhuman Inoculation (from “Eradicating Terrestrial Species”, Minnesota, USA)
  14. Sinners Moon: Memento Mori (from “Atlantis”,  Slovakia)  April 10th
  15. Shields: Jordan (Single Release, London, UK)
  16. Defender: Oceans (from “We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments”, Baden Switzerland)
  17. Vola: Starburn (from “Inmazes”, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  18. Io: Basin (from “Cap Arcona”, New York, USA)
  19. Éohum: Equatorial Rains (from “Revelations, Aurora of an Epoch”, Montreal, Canada)
  20. Elderoth: This Shadow by my side (from “Mystic”, Canada, Asher) April 28th
  21. Mercury Blast: Homeless Nights (Montreal, Canada)
  22. Royal Thunder: Time Machine (Savannah, Georgia, Relapse Records)


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