DC665 Forlorn Suffering

  1. Frosthelm: Forlorn Tides (from “Endless Winter:”, North Dakota, USA, Black Work, Clawhammer)
  2. Amber Sea: Deci(mate) (from “Infantile Vision”, Famined Records, Lille, France, Persistent Heart)
  3. Hacavitz: Deadream (from “Darkness Beyond”, Mexico, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  4. Unhold: I Belong (from “Towering”, Switzerland, Czars of Cricket)
  5. Burweed: Lye (from “Hide”, Helsinki, Finland, Inverse Records)
  6. Akheron: Chemtrail (Misfits Cover)(from “Coalition of Death”, Bogotá D.C, Morbid Skull Records, Clawhammer)
  7. Gian: Aggression Unleashed (from “All Life Erased”, Äänekoski, Finland, Inverse Records)
  8. Iris: Antisocial (from “Something to live for”, Kent, UK, Engineer Records, Ambicon)
  9. Desecrator: Red Steel Nation (Single Release, Melbourne, Australia)
  10. Nothing:Always:Works: In It (from “In It”, Portugal)
  11. Heresy Denied: Deny Your Heresy (Poland)
  12. Valdrin: Battles in The Medieval Sky (Cincinnati, USA)
  13. Kadinja: GLHF (Paris, France)
  14. Where Giants Once Stood:  Secrets (Toronto, Canada)
  15. Warhead: Widowmaker (from “Deathrow”, Arizona, USA, Clawhammer)
  16. Unto The Lion: The Eye of The Storm (from “Sonata”, USA)
  17. Prophasis: Indoctrine (from “Boundaries”, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Imminence Records, Persistent Heart)
  18. Born Broken: Watch The World Unwind (Single Release, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  19. Fear Control: Until The Suffering (from “The Monster”, Texas, USA)


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