DC663 Blessing of Frostbites

  1. Caelestia: Blessing of Tragedy (from “Beneath Abyss”, Athens, Greece, Inverse Records)
  2. Ash is a Robot: Karma never Sleeps (from “Sympathetic Vibration”, Portugal, Intune) Touring and of Feb UK
  3. Cry Excess: Unto Death (from “Ambition is The Sh**”, Turin, Italy, Luxor Records, Persistent Heart)
  4. The Damned: Eloise (from “Another Live Album from The Damned”, UK, Southworld Records, Candlelight)
  5. Jacob Messianic: Face in Me (from “The Beginning”, Manchester, UK, CoffeeJingle Records)
  6. Unearth The Kings: Rock, Boulders, Mountains (from “And Yet it Moves”, Tenbury Wells, UK)
  7. Orgasmic Victim: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (from “Pain of Ass Drilling”, Russia)
  8. Nepente: Show me That you are Still …. (from “I will get your soul”, Columbia, Cimmerian Shade Recordings, Clawhammer) 31 March 2015
  9. Empire of Fools: Devil Inside (Single Release, Southwest UK, Stampede)
  10. Ovids Withering: Earthshaker I (from “Scryers of the Ibis”, Tampa, Florida, USA)
  11. Aeolist: I from “I”, Norwich, UK)
  12. The Djentstick Project: Nightcrawler (Single Release, Mexico)
  13. Defy All Reason: Bad Blood (Single Release, Wrexham, North Wales)
  14. Keep of Kalessin: Dark Divinity (from “Epistemology”, Trondheim, Norway, Indie Recordings) 16th Feb
  15. The Sanity Days: My Last Words (from “Evil Beyond Belief”, USA, Candlelight Records) 23rd Feb
  16. Cryptic Hymn: Revel in Disgust (Single Release, Kentucky, USA, Asher)
  17. Velocirapture: Erratic Retaliator (from “Palaeogene”, Florida, USA)
  18. Iris: Candle (from “Something to live for”, Kent, UK, Engineer Records, Ambicon)
  19. Barishi: In The Hour of The Wolf (from “Endless Howl”, Vermont, USA, Clawhammer)
  20. Vital Signs: The Chosen (from “Smoke and Mirrors”, Imminence Records, Persistent Heart)
  21. Venrez: Hang The Predator (from “Children of the Drones”, LA, USA)
  22. Dehuman: Crypts of Blood (from “Graveyard of Eden”, Brussels, Belgium)
  23. : Frostbites ( froom “Den of Dö, Helsinki, Finland, Direct)



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