DC662 Kill Car Syndrome

  1. Bitch Queens: Kill Your Friends (from “Kill Your Friends”, Basel, Switzerland)
  2. Valerian Swing: Spazio ( from “AURORA”, Italy, Small Pond Records)
  3. Joffel Project: Addicted (Helsinki, Finland)
  4. Caelestia: Mi Ultima Vida (from “Beneath Abyss”, Athens, Greece, Inverse Records)
  5. The Sanity Days: Satan’s Blood (from “Evil Beyond Belief”, USA, Candlelight Records) 23rd Feb
  6. Solefald: The Germanic Entity (from “World Metal, Kosmopolis Sud”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  7. Steak Number Eight: The Sea is Dying (from “The Hutch”, Belgium) Touring with Prong in April
  8. Peur: Hollow Skies (from “Hollow Skies”, Manchester, UK, Bluesoap)
  9. Ash is a Robot: Sleep Paralysis (from “Sympathetic Vibration”, Portugal, Intune) Touring and of Feb UK
  10. Gehenna: Unravel (from “Unravel”, Stravanger, Norway, Indie Recordings) Touring this spring
  11. Cry Excess: The Public Enemy (from “Ambition is The Sh**”, Turin, Italy, Luxor Records, Persistent Heart)
  12. The Damned: Smash it Up (from “Another Live Album from The Damned”, UK, Southworld Records, Candlelight)
  13. Them County Bastardz: It’s Not Metal (from “Sick Daze”, USA, Asher)
  14. Jacob Messianic: Tied by The Hand (from “The Beginning”, Manchester, UK, CoffeeJingle Records)
  15. Lay Siege: Hollow Hands (from “hopeisnowhere”, Northampton, UK)
  16. Ade: The Endless Runaway (Rome. Italy)
  17. Bad Salad: Deep Roots (from “Puzzled”, Brazil)
  18. Orgasmic Victim: Clumps of Cat Masturbation (from “Pain of Ass Drilling”, Russia)
  19. Storms of Aeolus: Energy (Austria)
  20. Unearth The Kings: Night Hero (from “And Yet it Moves”, Tenbury Wells, UK)
  21. Seven Year Storm: Blue Car Syndrome (from “Aion I”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)



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