DC661 Go Thousand

  1. Gurd: Go For It (from “Fake”, Switzerland, Czar of Crickets)
  2. Free Ride: Hellride (Direct, Finland)
  3. Bio-cancer: Bulletproof (from “Tormenting The Innocent”, Greece, Candlelight)
  4. Bitch Queens: Bullseye Baby (from “Kill Your Friends”, Basel, Switzerland)
  5. Tripod: Devil Feeder (from “Devil Feeder”, Norway)
  6. Lykaion: Animals (from “Heavy Lullabies”, Rome, Italy)
  7. As Animal Eat My Insides: Swag in The Bag (from “Devoured”, Georgia, USA)
  8. Valerian Swing: Cancer Minor ( from “AURORA”, Italy, Small Pond Records)
  9. Vanity Draws Blood: Fractured (London, UK, Erin Large)
  10. Joffel Project: Back on the Road (Helsinki, Finland)
  11. Siegebreaker: Cold Black Eye (Single Release, Canada)
  12. Caelestia: Secret Rite (from “Beneath Abyss”, Athens, Greece, Inverse Records)
  13. Slaughter to Prevail: Crowned and Conquered (Russia, Deadlier)
  14. Putrid Offal: Premature Necropsy (from “Mature Necropsy”, Douchy-les-Mines, France, Kaotoxin Records, Clawhammer)
  15. Kolony: Monopoly (from “Sledge”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  16. In this Moment: Sick Like Me (from “Black Widow”, USA, Century Media)
  17. Solefald: Bububu Bad Beuys (from “World Metal, Kosmopolis Sud”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  18. Ire Wolves: The Ascetic (from “The Ascetic”, Duluth, Montana, USA)
  19. Unrest: Drown (from “Grindcore”, NYC, USA, Unspeakable Axe Records, Clawhammer)
  20. Lay Siege: The Illusion of Choice (from “hopeisnowhere”, Northampton, UK)
  21. Seven Year Storm: Dyatlov (from “Aion I”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  22. Their Dogs were Astronauts: Chapajuby (from “Earthkeeper”, Salzburg, Austria)
  23. Khaelys: A Thousand Things (from “Across the Ages”, Strasbourg, France)


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