DC660 Done for Sound

  1. Exes for Eyes: Done for Good (from “Tongues like figure eights”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  2. Sata Kaskelottia: Ikuturso (from “Sata Kaskelottia”, Finland)
  3. Midnight Bullet: Burn (from “Lose My Face”, Inverse Records)
  4. Premortal Breath: Trapped (from “They”, Germany,  Direct)
  5. Gurd: White Death (from “Fake”, Switzerland, Czar of Crickets)
  6. Shredhead: Witness Hell (from “Death is Righteous”, Israel, Mighty Music, Clawhammer)
  7. Ethereal: Unholy Ungodly (from “Opus Atheneum”, Liverpool, UK, Candlelight Records)
  8. 3 Days from Dying: Str8 Jacket Memories (Single Release, Chicago, USA)
  9. Free Ride: Hold On (I’m Coming) (Direct, Finland)
  10. Rise of Dissension: Mend (Direct, Ontario, Canada)
  11. Bio-cancer: Tormenting The Innocent (from “Tormenting The Innocent”, Greece, Candlelight)
  12. Inharmonic: Consume All (from “Flesh Inferno”, Finland)
  13. Lykaion: I Don’t Love you anymore (from “Heavy Lullabies”, Rome, Italy)
  14. Bitch Queens: Again, Again, and Again (from “Kill Your Friends”, Basel, Switzerland)
  15. Tripod: Place (from “Devil Feeder”, Norway)
  16. Feed Her to The Sharks: The World is Yours (from “Fortitude, out  Feb 10th, Melbourne, Australia, Victory Records)
  17. The Cyon Project: Mr. Creosote (Single Release, Torino, Italy)
  18. Comeback Kid: Didn’t Even Mind (Manitoba, USA, Victory Records)
  19. The Sitting Bull and The Bullshitters: Giants (from “Still Undead”, Finland)
  20. Ara: Devourer of Worlds (from “Devourer of Worlds”, Milwaukee, USA)
  21. As Animal Eat My Insides: Daydreamer (from “Devoured”, Georgia, USA)
  22. Them County Bastardz: Drive By (from “Sick Daze”, Ontario, Canada)
  23. Profane and The Sacred: From the Top (from “From the Top”, UK)
  24. Lay Siege: A Fictional Sound (from “hopeisnowhere”, Northampton, UK)


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