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DC 594 Honestly Deconstructing


  1. Reveler: Honestly USA, Infamous Empire
  2. Cinder: Down USA, Music Submit
  3. Standing Ovation: Superhero Finland
  4. Hybris: Cult of Doom UK, Candlelight
  5. Master: Waiting To Die USA
  6. War Torn Angel: Widowmaker USA, PHM Records
  7. Beyond The Victory: Gilded USA, Harbor Records
  8. Soul Remnants: Cauldron of Blood USA, ClawhammerPR
  9. Suture: Deconstructing Anatomy USA, Comatose Records, ClawhammerPR
  10. Western Sand: Take It Away UK, Stampede Press
  11. Scale The Summit: Whales (Live) USA, Prosthetic Records
  12. Hawkwind: Sonic Attack UK, Eastworld Recordings

Picture: Hawkwind

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